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Copy 3D Blu-ray to MKV for projector with MakeMKV alternative

Have a raft of Blu-ray collections at home? Can't wait to enjoy some funny 3D Blu-ray movies on your new bought projector keeping? Then ripping Blu-ray 3D to MKV format supported by projector is surely a best choice, for preventing Blu-ray discs from physical damage, getting rid of the limitation of Blu-ray player and saving space on your shelf. In this article, I will show you how to convert and rip Blu-ray 3D to AVC/MVC MKV for playback on projector with 3D effect preserving using MakeMKV and its alternative tool. 

Solution to ripBlu-ray 3D to MKV for projectorwith MakeMKV

As you know, multimedia players that support the AVC/MVC (the codec used by Blu-ray 3D) have recently emerged as the Sidewinder Xtreamer or Mede8er of MED1000X3D. By testing these two very powerful players on 3D playback, I could make an interesting experience before me and I thank Basthi by the way.

First of all, download and install MakeMKV to your PC. The program is free and available for Windows and Mac users…