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Youtube to MP3: How to Convert Youtube Video to MP3

YouTube is an abundant video library assembling billions of videos in diverse genres (music, movies, sports and more). Most of the time, we browse and watch interested videos online. Suppose you legally downloaded a video from YouTube site— maybe it's a how-to tutorial, maybe it's a funny movie clip — and you would like to just extract the audio track and save in MP3 file for offline playback experience. Luckily, whatever it is, you can easily convert YouTube video to an MP3 file for Windows or Mac machine, so that you can then listen to iPod or iPhone, or just store on hard drive with less space. Read on. 

If you are attempting to rip YouTube video into MP3 format, there are a list of different methods you can choose from, whether they are third-party desktop-based or Web-based programs. 

Option One: Third-party tool

We're going to use a third party tool to accomplish the conversion. Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is what we'll use here. It is a simplistic looking and pow…